Arts, Media, Sports

My name is Havon Wint and I currently lead the AMS (Arts, Media and Sports) ministry. I’m married and recently became a father. I was always interested in music and drums became “my thing” back when I was at high School. Besides that, I love to sing, love going to the gym, playing football & would love to learn more instruments.

What is the AMS Collective?  

In Genesis 2:19, the Bible says: 

“Then He formed out of the earth every living thing that lives and every bird, and brought them to man, to see what names man should give them: as he would call every living thing , that’s what it would be called.”

In this text, God gave Adam the opportunity to express His creativity by allowing him to name the animals He had made. Within the AMS ministry, we strive to give people the opportunity to express their God-given creativity through a community of family, growth and excellence. Allowing artists to hone their craft, build relationships, and deepen their God-given skills.

We hold events throughout the year showcasing Amsterdam’s best talent. Our open mic nights, jam sessions and other interactive talent workshops are always open to everyone! 

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