Meet the Shepherds

Jurij and Shamika Zikov

Shepherds of the Internationale Christliche Gemeinde Berlin

Ola and Denise Kukoyi

Shepherds of the East Region of the London International Christian Church

Ola & his wife, Denise Kukoyi currently serve as shepherds & head of governance for the London International Christian Church.

Ola Kukoyi holds a Bachelor degree in Administration and accounting. He is also part of the Central Leadership for the Church. Ola has a background and many years experience in treasury and accounting, working for one of the biggest privately owned companies in the UK and has served in this capacity for the church for at least seven years. His wealth of experience and life qualifies him to currently serve as a shepherd and head of governance, providing support to the leaders and assisting in strengthening the flock.

Denise is from the Dutch-Caribbean island of Curacao and speaks 4 languages. Denise holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration as well as a wealth of experience in many of her managerial roles in the Telecommunication and Customer service industry.

She has served in the ministry as a non-paid intern in Santiago Chile and Los Angeles and as the director of MERCY World Wide in Santiago, Chile for almost 2 years. Also her various roles in the church has allowed her to move from Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean) to Santiago, Chile to Los Angeles, USA as a missionary and is currently now in London serving beside her husband.

Ola and his wife Denise married in 2011 and have lovely twin boys: Donovan & Jonathan.

Jamie and Hilarie Gordine

Shepherds of the South Region of the London International Christian Church

Victor and Krista Komo

Shepherds-in-training of the West Region of the London International Christian Church

Sean and Sandra Corrigan

Kids kingdom