Tomiwa & Vienne Safe Adewumi

Amsterdam Church Leaders

Tomiwa and his wife Vienne currently serve as Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader for the Amsterdam International Christian Church. They have been happily married for over a 6 years and have two beautiful daughters: Amayah (4yrs) & Davina (3yrs).  

Tomiwa, originally Nigerian, has a master’s degree in Urban Development from UCL, England. He worked as a project manager in Netherlands and Carribean Islands. It wasn’t until he turned 30 that he was called by God to become an Evangelist. Since then he had succesfully led Church region in London and a mission team of 13 to plant the Amsterdam Church.

Vienne, born in Netherlands, has pursued career of primary school teacher as well as mastery in martial arts (Judo). She considered herself most of her life to be an atheist. She became a christian in 2016 and since then fell deeply in love with God. She left her proffesional career to become Women’s Ministry Leader as she desired to bring gospel back home (Netherlands) and become a leader for many women.

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Havon Wint

Evangelist in Training

Havon & Natasha are leading a house Church and are training to be Church Leaders. 


Natasha Wint

Women’s Ministry Leader in Training

Tomas Takac

Evangelist in Training

Tom & Dana are one of house-church leaders and are training to lead the mission team to Slovakia.

Eeey That's Me

Dana Takacova

Women’s Ministry Leader in Training

Timo Wisse

Evangelist in Training

Both Timo & Genea have a great heart for the Netherlands. They together lead one of the house-churches.


Genea Terborg

Women’s Ministry Leader in Training


Miguel Dos-Santos

Evangelist in Training

Miguel is training to lead the mission team for Spain. Together with Shemel are leading discussions at VU university.


Shemel Kortram

Women’s Ministry Leader in Trainin 

Martynas Monkevicius

Director of Technology in Training

Martynas is overseeing the cyber ministry.

Dione Terborg


Sergio Rademacker